Hard services

CIS cover the following services:
  • Electrical (HT& LT)
  • UPS & DG
  • Building Management ( BMS )
  • HVAC
  • Waste Treatment Plant /Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Carpentry & Plumbing
1. DG SETS :
  • Operation of DG sets in accordance with the manufacturer specification & instruction manuals.
  • Maintain check lists, Log Books of operation
  • Report and status of availability for diesel, lube oil.
  • Check electrical circuits and panels on daily basis.
  • Record of functional parameter displayed on meter and understands the proper functioning of DG sets.
  • Ensure A checks, B checks & C checks in specified time.
  • Conduct performance test of the machine to assess the efficiency & life of the machine.
  • Check the condition of batteries.
  • Check Lube oil conditions and level.
  • Manage inventory of all spare and consumable.
  • Operate and maintain entire Electrical Panels for Energy Input Points to Output Points.
  • Operation of UPS and batteries.
  • Ensure all cable and wires are firm and proper in connection.
  • Check Light Fitting & replace all faulty light & fixtures.
  • Maintenance of all assets at optimum performance levels , as per OEM specs.
  • Troubles shoot any problem happening on LT & Undertake the Preventive Maintenance of Panels & Motors with the concerned AMC vendor/Agency.
  • Carry out Preventive Maintenance as per the Annual PM Chart.
3. HVAC :
  • Operation & Maintenance of Air cooled & water cooled Chiller units including pumps & VFD .
  • Operation & Maintrenance of equipment such as FCU, AHU and ventilation fans etc.
  • Checking of fire dampers & all related safeties in AHU and FCU.
  • Comprehensive AMC of split, tower, ductable, packaged all type of ac unit.
  • Variable Fan Drives and Variable Air Volume systems.
  • Treated Fresh Air intake systems.
  • Ventilation systems for washrooms, pantries, cafeteria & basements.
  • Air Washers & Air Scrubbers.
4.BMS Operation::
  • Access Control System
  • CCTV System.
  • Fire Alarm System.
  • MIS Reports generation.
5.Plant Maintenance (WTP/STP): :
  • Operation & maintenance of Water management system , WTP / STP
  • Operations, Maintenance & Repairs of MEP Equipments.
  • Operation of Water Treatment Plant.
  • Check and record the PPM of the treated water daily and they should be under limits.
  • Conducting PM of all the pumps & motors.
  • Daily checking of STP plant/ STP pumps for their proper functioning.
  • Daily checking of treated water parameters of STP plant.
  • Minor repairs of Sanitary fixtures.
  • Ensuring adequate water in the overhead tanks for use.
  • Cleaning of tanks at periodic intervals.