Plant Maintenance

The following services are provided in accordance with the industries best practices  in integration with the clients process specifications  
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Services :
  • Operations, Maintenance & Repairs of MEP Equipments and services as per approved budgets,  agreeing  to an ‘Authorised Spend Value’  as per the Plants relevant Delegation of Authority and Approvals. 
  • Completion of all jobs assigned in a cost effective, timely and safe manner. 
  • Jobs valued above the ‘Authorised Spend value’  are approved  submitted with  a comparative analysis  on  pricing, quality and  timeliness of the three best independent quotes with recommendations  made to the client  for final approvals.
Distribution Boards & Panels :
Responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of all distribution boards and panels applicable to the plants facilities including metering / monitoring energy demand and consumption and providing inputs  for energy expenses incurred every month for each plant  under its management.
Fire Safety Services, Fire alarm and fire suppression systems :
  • Responsible for effective & uninterrupted operation and maintenance of the following:
-Fire Alarm System
-Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Manual Call Points
-Audio/Visual Fire stand-alone Fire Alarms
-Hydrant Systems -Coverage: Hydrant points, Pulleys, Hose reels, Inlet station, Yard Hydrant. Coordinate with landlord/building manager to ensure fire exit are clear for effective evacuation
-Fire Pump Room
-Fire Extinguishers
-Inert-Gas based Fire Suppression System
-Fire Sprinklers
-Central Control Panel for monitoring the detectors IMCP status
-Ensure all critical parameters as per OEM requirement and operating manuals are maintained
-Preventive maintenance, repair and replacement (if required) of fire alarm and fire fighting systems to ensure its efficient functioning
- Ensure compliance with all State government and Central government fire safety regulations and procedures
- Monitor and check fire extinguishers and ensure that they are refilled and serviced before expiry and maintained up to date and ready for use at all times
-Maintain service cards for all above
Elevators :
  • Co-ordinate with Client / Building Owner to ensure elevators are fully functional at all times. 
  • Share OEM Servicing Schedules and SLA’s  with OEM on Regular Maintenance and Emergency break-down services with the Client 
  • Ensure all in-built safety features and Auto Rescue Devices in Elevators are recorded and operated by us  during any emergency/breakdowns. 
Public Address Systems :
  • Daily check of Central Control Panel, Amplifiers, Speakers.
  • Repair / Replace any faulty speakers, cabling and amplifiers and ensure PA System is fully-functional at all times.
  • Advise the client on coverage & location of PA System within the plant  premises.
  • Ensure all critical parameters as per OEM requirement and operating manuals are maintained
Access Control & CCTV Surveillance :
  • Ensure Access Control Readers are fully-functional at all times
  • Ensure Access-Control operated infrastructure such as boom barriers, turnstiles, doors, etc. are fully-functional at all times
  • Provide MIS on Access-Control as part of Reporting Requirements to the Client Representative
  • Ensure all CCTV Cameras are fully-functional and adhere to storage of CCTV recording as per the Plants Information Security policy and guidelines
Planned Preventive Maintenance :
  • Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all plant and equipment that is owned / leased by the client . 
  • Comprehensive Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programs  maintained  for all Facilities under scope of agreement. 
  • Outstanding PPMs are addressed to the client  on a monthly basis. 
  • PPM programs include but not limited to the following:
- Asset Register with complete details of all installed MEP Equipment
- Machine History Cards are maintained- Escalation Charts for Equipment’s are in place
- Adequate Critical Spares List/Inventory is maintained- Monitoring all vendor employment records to ensure statutory & HSE Compliance
- Schematic Plans/Drawings
  • PPM Scheduling will include but not be limited to the following critical equipments :
- Power – both Primary & Captive
- Air-Conditioning systems
- Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting & Fire Suppression Systems
- UPS including Battery Banks
- Precision Air-Conditioning for UPS and Server Rooms
- Elevators
- CCTV & Access Control & PA System
- BMS Systems
  • Arrange DG sets and any other critical MEP equipment during any emergency as and when required.